Generalized Anxiety Disorder


Expert Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Overview of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders differ from the occasional feelings of nervousness or anxiousness. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is characterized by chronic, exaggerated worrying that affects everyday life. This relentless worrying and overthinking may consume hours each day, making it hard to concentrate and accomplish daily tasks.

This type of anxiety often manifests continuously and intensifies over time. The symptoms may also be accompanied by physical signs, such as restlessness, fatigue, muscle tension, or sleeping problems, interfering with daily life.

Symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Recognizing the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder is crucial for seeking help. Symptoms include persistent and excessive worry, tension, and a constant sense of being on edge. One may view problems in a way that’s disproportionate to their actual impact.

Patients with GAD may feel that they’re easily tired and irritable and experience muscle tension and unexplained pains such as headaches and stomach aches. They often have difficulty concentrating and controlling their worries, which can cause sleep disruption.

If these symptoms persist for six months or more without being caused by other health conditions and significantly hamper your ability to function, then it’s best to seek treatment.

When to See a Doctor for GAD

While occasional anxiety is a normal part of life, it’s time to seek professional advice when it starts to dominate your daily existence or causes extreme distress. You should consider making a doctor’s appointment if:

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Your worrying disrupts work, affects relationships, or interferes with other life areas.

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You find it challenging to manage and control your fear, worry, or anxiety.

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Your anxiety is causing physical health problems.

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You’re experiencing feelings of depression, combating substance misuse, or dealing with other mental health issues alongside anxiety.

When to Get Emergency Help for GAD

If you’re having suicidal thoughts or life-threatening behaviors, immediate emergency treatment is needed.

Diagnosing Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The physical symptoms of an anxiety disorder can be easily confused with other medical conditions. Distinguishing the physical manifestations of an anxiety disorder from other medical conditions like heart disease or hyperthyroidism is essential. This involves thorough physical exams, interviews, and lab tests. After ruling out underlying physical illnesses, specific psychological assessments help pinpoint the anxiety type.

Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder is treatable through psychotherapy, medication, or a combination of therapies. Strategies include medication to manage symptoms, psychotherapy, particularly cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), to address thought patterns and behaviors. Lifestyle adjustments, such as exercising regularly, reducing caffeine and alcohol intake, and incorporating meditation and relaxation techniques can help promote overall well-being.

Choose Bangkok Mental Health Hospital for Anxiety Treatment

At Bangkok Mental Health Hospital, we understand the complexities of living with generalized anxiety disorder and offer a safe place for healing. Our multidisciplinary team provides personalized care, drawing on various treatments to craft a plan that addresses your specific needs.

Whether it’s navigating phobia-related anxiety such as agoraphobia and managing or overcoming other generalized anxiety symptoms, our expert staff is equipped with the knowledge and compassion to guide you toward recovery.

By integrating evidence-based therapies with holistic wellness practices, we strive to alleviate symptoms and empower individuals with the tools and resilience needed for a fulfilling life beyond anxiety. Take the crucial step toward regaining control and finding peace. Let BMHH accompany you every step of the way.