Guides to Care

Information for Families

Here are the visiting policies:

  • Visitors are only permitted to see patients during designated visiting hours established by the hospital.
  • Prior permission to visit the hospital must be obtained before arrival.
  • Carrying or using drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol is strictly prohibited on hospital premises. Anyone caught violating this rule will face legal consequences.
  • Food or any items intended for the patient must be inspected and approved by a caregiver before being deposited every time.
  • Items that could be used to harm oneself or others, such as belts, shoelaces, lighters, sharp objects, razors, and glasses, are not allowed in the inpatient ward or to be given to patients.
  • Photography or recording of any kind is not permitted in the ward. If a violation of this rule occurs, the hospital reserves the right to request that the file be deleted, and legal action may be taken.
  • Strong-smelling items, such as pets, foods, or fruits like durian, are not allowed in the hospital area.