Guides to Care

Arrival Guide

Make an appointment


For new patients, please schedule your appointment in advance.


To ensure the new patient registration process is completed on time, please fill out the form and bring the printed copy with your identification card or passport on your first visit to BMH Hospital.

Before You Arrive

Please ensure to bring the following documents on your first visit.


For attendees over 7 years old

  • Identification card or passport or birth certificate (if the attendee is aged over 7 years old)
  • A parent or legal guardian's presence and identification card or passport

Adults over 20 years old

  • Identification card or passport

When You Arrive

What to Expect Once You Arrive at
Bangkok Mental Health Hospital?

To begin a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, our mental health specialist or MHS will speak with you to gather initial information. Our MHS will guide you through a unit orientation. A nurse will then check your vital signs, evaluate and attend to your needs such as managing your medications, and clarify your medical conditions or safety concerns requiring immediate attention.

Are family or friends allowed to be with you during the evaluation process?

Upon your approval, family and friends above 20 years old may accompany you during the evaluation process. However, they may be requested to leave the room at some point during the evaluation to allow you to communicate confidential information to the doctor.

Formal meetings with family are not typically included during the initial evaluation. However, they will be scheduled later during the inpatient program, where our nurse will work closely with you and your family to familiarize you with your needs and concerns.

If family or friends have information that is vital to the initial assessment and was unable to provide it during the evaluation. In that case they are encouraged to speak with the staff separately to ensure this information is conveyed to the doctor.