Postpartum Depression

เช็กอาการ ภาวะซึมเศร้าหลังคลอด

Postpartum depression, often occurring within the first year after childbirth, is a complex condition triggered by rapid hormonal changes post-delivery. This leads mothers to experience feelings of sadness, sleep disturbances, irritability, disinterest in self and surroundings, fatigue, weight loss, and, in severe cases, suicidal thoughts.

Symptoms of postpartum depression to look out for:

Causes of Postpartum Depression:

Treating postpartum depression requires a thorough assessment of multiple factors, considering the risks for both the mother and the infant, as well as the potential risk of medication exposure through breastfeeding. If symptoms are not severe, non-pharmacological interventions, such as various forms of psychotherapy, are usually preferred. However, when medication is deemed necessary, the psychiatrist will carefully select a medication with a lower risk of passing into breast milk and will aim to minimise the use of medication whenever feasible.

Ariyaporn Tangcheewinsirikul, M.D.

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