3 Ways to Boost Self-Worth


Many people possibly have encountered moments when they feel tired and bored, with reluctance to tackle tasks despite looming responsibilities. Neglecting these duties may ultimately lead to a negative self-perception, potentially eroding self-esteem over time.

Consider these three ways to enhance self-worth:

  1. Prioritize and Organize Tasks:
    Systematically arrange tasks according to their importance, addressing those of higher priority first. For instance, if faced with four monthly tasks, completing two today and deferring the remaining two to the following week can streamline the workload.
  2. Find Enjoyable Activities:
    If you feel drained after the tasks, consider engaging in something enjoyable after completing them. This might involve planning a meal with friends in a nearby location or treating yourself to a well-deserved shopping excursion.
  3. Communicate Plans with Loved Ones:
    Share your planned tasks with close friends or family to stimulate a sense of accountability. This can help trigger the desire to follow through with your intentions or consider scheduling a meeting with a psychologist to help refine your schedule for a more realistic approach

However, if executing planned tasks becomes challenging or if a diminishing sense of self-worth is evident, seeking professional help is recommended. Consulting with a mental health professional offers a supportive environment to openly discuss challenges and receive helpful guidance

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