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Phobia is a psychological condition in which individuals exhibit intense anxiety towards specific stimuli or situations that are not inherently dangerous. This heightened fear response is activated only when the feared object or situation is present. Examples include fear of heights, fear of animals, fear of decision-making, and so on. Sometimes, thinking or talking about the feared object or situation can induce fear response.

Impact of Phobia:

Phobia can lead to social and psychological impairments, including the need to avoid particular situations, reduced social interactions, diminished quality of life, and the potential reliance on alcohol or substances. For example, older adults with a fear of falling may curtail their mobility, necessitating a higher level of assistance and care.

Common Co-occurring Conditions with Phobia:

Treatment for Phobia:

Phobias are serious mental health conditions characterized by intense, irrational fears. Timely intervention and treatment significantly can reduce the risk of developing concurrent mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety disorders, or substance abuse. If symptoms are severe, seeking help from a healthcare professional is recommended.

Ariyaporn Tangcheewinsirikul, M.D.

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