Feeling lazy? You may be experiencing burnout.


Experiencing boredom and a strong aversion to work could be indicative of burnout, a prolonged response to work-related stress. Burnout can manifest with symptoms such as fatigue, diminished concentration, negative perceptions of work relationships, mood disturbances, and a negative self-image.

Burnout symptoms are typically classified into three dimensions:

  1. Emotional Exhaustion: This involves feeling emotionally drained, tired, and unresponsive to the work environment. There’s a noticeable lack of interest in problem-solving due to overwhelming fatigue.
  2. Depersonalization: This encompasses excessive negative attitudes and behaviors, potentially leading to social withdrawal, reluctance to engage with others, a sense of detachment from oneself, and a diminished sense of responsibility toward work.
  3. Reduced Personal Achievement: Individuals may experience negative self-evaluation, doubts, and a lack of confidence in their abilities. This can result in decreased work performance and compromised problem-solving skills.

The causes of burnout can be categorised into two main aspects:

1.Organizational Causes:

2. Personal Causes:

Preventive measures for burnout include:

It is crucial to remain vigilant for burnout symptoms, both personally and in those around you, and to seek professional help if self-management becomes challenging.

Ariyaporn Tangcheewinsirikul, M.D.

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